Film vintage camera Nikon S3 Yr 2000

A vintage camera of the famous brand Nikon with manual lens 50 mm, film vintage camera Nikon S3 Yr 2000. Body silvery, black, embossed lining under the hands create a good contrast. The model is executed oche qualitatively, with the big attention to details.

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Retro media player Hahog SkyGlider

The retro-housing combines a high-end tube amplifier and a modern media player as a source of sound. Acoustics also with a unique design based on the principle of orthogonal flows. The model is the first modification of the Hahog SkyGlider.

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Retro phone Western Electric

An analogue wire telephone Western Electric, made in retro style. The phone has a traditional plastic case and a tube, they are dark in color. The dial contains numbers and Latin letters. The tube is connected to the body by a twisted black cord. The phone will serve not only functional, but also a decorative accent in the interior.

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Corner air conditioner Gree

A modern air conditioner designed to be located in the corner of the room: Gree Corner Split. The internal unit of the device is made as a quarter of a circle, which allows ergonomic placement of the unit where traditional, rectangular air conditioners can not be installed. The color of the body of the air conditioner is light gray.

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Air conditioning Akvilon

Modern channel air conditioning from Akvilon, refers to the kind of semi-industrial (commercial) split. This is a system that is easily mounted in a suspended structure and does not take up unnecessary space. The air conditioner has a flexible outdoor unit, due to which it is combined with other types of internal modules. The device is a branded product, the main advantage of which can be safely called price


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