Curly Low Bun for Genesis 9

Title: Hair – Curly Low Bun for Genesis 9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Curly Low Bun for Genesis 9 is a voluminous curly hairstyle that is especially suitable for characters of color.

Carefully crafted using strand-based hair technology, this means that each hair strand is rendered individually for even more depth. No more trans-mapped geometry planes!

Taking advantage of the Iray Curves technology, this hair is significantly lighter in weight than its predecessors while having a higher resolution on each hair strand!

The hair bun is rigged with a custom bone allowing you to pose and scale it as you need.

Included are 28 color options utilizing the Blended Dual Lobe hair shader, as well as morphs to fine-tune the final look. (Tip: To change the highlight intensity, simply adjust the “Glossy Layer Weight” parameter.)

This hairstyle will suit feminine as well as masculine characters. It’s a great addition to your hair library!

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