Gumroad – Substance Cardboard-Paper Material with 3ds Max scene by d’Atelier

Cardboard-Paper Materials can add a unique and realistic touch to your 3D scenes and designs. These materials are perfect for creating ultra-fine details and close-ups. With their high-quality texture and customizable options, you can easily create the perfect paper material for your project. Whether you’re working on a realistic scene or an abstract design, these materials are a great choice. Give your project a distinctive and professional look with paper materials.

This product comes with textures and maps that are ready to use in the 3D software of your choice, making it easy to incorporate into your project.

This product comes with substance painter materials and the 3ds max scenes, as seen in the preview, allowing you to easily incorporate them into your own projects and designs.

The 3ds Max scenes provide you with the environment and lighting setup used in the product preview, allowing you to easily incorporate the included materials into your own projects.