The Stellacaster Guitar and Poses For Genesis 3

The Stellacaster Guitar and Poses for Genesis 3

The Stellacaster Guitar was designed and created by a real-world Luthier to bring an extra level of realism to your musical renders, it will look very detailed, to close-up level.

Special attention was given to this guitar and it’s accompanying poses, to mimic the real world. Poses are different for Male and Female figures. Both sets, Male and female, include 11 partials hands poses, to help you when making your own ‘custom’ poses. Each pose can be tweaked to your taste or needs very easily, ie by slightly changing the left-hand posing (bend, twist, side-side), as the guitar is parented to the hand, and will follow it’s moves flawlessly.

There are lots of material options and combinations to personalize it the way you want. With the many editable surfaces and Included Shaders, virtually any part can be mixed and matched to your taste.

The Stellacaster Guitar is rigged with a fully pose-able tremolo arm. The guitar is conveniently packaged with four additional complete Custom materials presets that will have it looking pretty cool in most scenes, for quick use. There is a “non-parented” version, on top of the Genesis 3 Male and female versions.

It comes with a plectrum, loading as smart prop, for genesis 3 Male(s), and Female(s), that works on any playing poses.