Wetlands Low Res Plants for Vol 1 – Reedbeds

Title: Props – Wetlands Low Res Plants for Vol 1 – Reedbeds (Free fownload for Daz Studio or Poser)

Product Details:

  • Brand: DAZ 3D
  • Compatible Figures: N/A
  • Home Page: https://www.daz3d.com/wetlands-low-res-plants-for-vol-1–reedbeds

Description:Wetlands Low Res Plants for Vol 1 – Reedbeds is a huge bundle of over 40 Reed plants, groups and large instanced beds that are perfect for use en masse in your wetlands, swamps, marshes, lakes and watery scenes! Low resolution means that they work well when placed individually or really come in to their own when used in instancing plugins or instanced by hand. You can easily create vast swaths of reeds in a matter seconds with just a few clicks!

Link: https://hotlink.cc/BLTWRVWWDIOQ/Wetlands_Low_Res_Plants_for_Vol_1_-_Reedbeds.rar.html
Link: https://hitfile.net/YxdETrS?short_domain=hitf.cc

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