SciFi Living Room Poses and Cameras for Genesis 8

Title: Poses – SciFi Living Room Poses and Cameras for Genesis 8 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


30 Poses for the Genesis 8 Female interacting with the SciFi Living Room set with matching camera presets to frame the action. The poses may be used as stand-alone by applying the Reset Goto preset to the figure to restore it to the zero location in the scene and from there may be positioned for use in your scene with other environments and props. The matching HPose provided for the SciFi Living Room set will pose scene elements in use by the figure in the pose such as when holding a cup or book or opening a hatch door, etc. The poses will often work well with the Genesis 8 Male figure though some slight adjusting of arms and legs may be needed do to the difference in body shape. That same is true with other figure body shapes and types of clothing. Our goal is to give you a fast and easy way to make use of the wonderful SciFi Living Room set, with these poses and cameras serving as a good starting point as well as being useful for quick scene setups and renders.

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