Leiomano for Genesis 8 Male

Title: Characters – Leiomano for Genesis 8 Male (Free fownload for Daz Studio or Poser)

Product Details:
  • Brand: DAZ 3D
  • Compatible Figures: Genesis 8 Male
  • Home Page: https://www.daz3d.com/leiomano-for-genesis-8-male

Description:Leiomano (Hawaiian for “Shark Toothed Weapon), is how the humans who made first contact with this alien species named these toothy extra-terrestrials. But while at home in Science fiction stories, these creatures can also be seen as mysterious cryptids who lurk around swamps, or monstrous subterranean cave dwellers with a hunger for human flesh. Whatever sort of creepy creature you are looking for Leiomano can accent any render. This character was designed with ultra-realistic skin skin techniques, using the DAZ PBRSkin shader. The High Definition morphs and High Quality textures will really bring this character to life for your renders.

Link: https://hotlink.cc/PHJKJWM2VSKY/Leiomano_for_Genesis_8_Male.rar.html

Link: https://hitfile.net/rkdXCrn?short_domain=hitf.cc

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