EArkham’s ZWorld Brain in a Jar

Title: Props – EArkham’s ZWorld Brain in a Jar (Download for Daz Studio or Poser)

Product Details:

  • Brand: DAZ 3D
  • Compatible Figures: N/A
  • Home Page: https://www.daz3d.com/earkhams-zworld-brain-in-a-jar

Description:Populate the lab of your favourite mad scientist with this collection of gruesomely fun brain props! Suitable in gothic horror, fantasy and science fiction environments, these assets range from your stereotypical brain in a glass jar to futuristic containment modules. The fluids in the jar, and both human-sized and brain-sized containment modules are adjustable, to accomodate however wet you prefer the icky contents!

Link: https://hitfile.net/aiSUbJ1?short_domain=hitf.cc

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