DAZ 3D – RL Wallpaper FX

Title: Misc – RL Wallpaper FX (Download for Daz Studio or Poser)

Product Details:

  • Brand: DAZ 3D
  • Compatible Figures: N/A
  • Home Page: https://www.daz3d.com/rl-wallpaper-fx

Description:With this unique Wallpaper FX set, I have designed and created 8 different themes with each theme having 5 unique designs within it. There are some utilities to tile the wallpaper as much as you need and even play with the color presets. These work particularly well with the Plane (fully textured) theme set. You can also do some added Visual Effects with the VFX Tab; this will give the wallpaper added dimension, creating bubbles or creasing it up if you want a more distressed look.

Link: https://hitfile.net/qlDYch5?short_domain=hitf.cc

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