Blender Market – 100 Animals Base Meshes

Download 3D models collection by Blender Market – 100 Animals Base Meshes.

The ultimate collection of most popular domestic animals base meshes is here!

Consists of 100 animals that are domesticated/tamed by man. Includes the most popular farm animals and pets.

– clean topology (quads only)
– scaled to animals’ real size (using Blender’s metric system)
– symmetrical with the origin point at the center of the grid floor (ready for mirroring)
– even quads distribution
– uniform number of loop cuts in each model (8 for ears, legs, eye sockets, and tails, 24 for a body)
– detailed noses/beaks and limbs (paws, hooves, legs, claws)
– low polygon count (good for games and retopologizing after sculpting)
– simple color materials applied to every model (Cycles and Blender Internal materials available)

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